• Alexandra Street & Ferdinand Street

    From 1868 services had been conducted (in the Council Chambers or at 20 Ferry Street) by Wesleyan ministers of the [...]

  • 12 Ferdinand Street

    This was the first stone house built by Jules Joubert on land owned by his brother Didier. He sold it [...]

  • 15 Ferdinand Street

    Melchior Viel (Vial) D’Aram, another Frenchman investing in The French village, owned six acres of bushland here until around 1875. [...]

  • 17 Ferdinand Street

    This land was owned in 1875 by D’Aram, in 1878 by Henry Brookes, in 1884 by J.B. McKenzie. In 1888 [...]

  • 18 Ferdinand Street

    This was part of the Brookes estate (see Maruna, 12 Ferdinand Street) which ran from the Lane Cove River to [...]

  • 19 Ferdinand Street

    This timber cottage was built in 1887 by Annie Louisa Norrie and was let to David Dixon in 1888, when [...]

  • 21 Ferdinand Street

    Alfred Weeks, warehouseman, built the initial part of this stone house in 1876 overlooking the Lane Cove River, described as [...]

  • 1 Ferdinand Street

    In 1886 the Congregational Church (Alexandra Street) decided to erect a manse. The tender of £1,025 from Polton and Son [...]

  • 2 Ferdinand Street

    In 1886, while living around the corner in one of Mrs Schmidt’s new terrace houses (12-14 Alexandra Street), Jean Baptiste [...]