Celebrating fifty years of The Hunters Hill Trust

The New Green Book

2018 marked 50 years since the Hunters Hill Trust was formed. In honour of this anniversary we have published a new edition of our key publication, Heritage of Hunters Hill (the Green Book). The Trust is grateful to the Office of Environment & Heritage for their support in this project with a Community Heritage grant.

Protecting our heritage

The Green Book has helped to protect many houses that faced unsympathetic development, and even demolition, since 1968. It has also raised awareness of the value of our built and natural environment. Some original photos of heritage homes altered by later modifications have been retained to reflect their historical importance.

Building the collection

In addition to the 370 heritage houses previously listed, we are also celebrating fine examples of buildings constructed up to the 1930s. Heritage information for these homes is sparse due to records being lost in the 1978 Town Hall fire.