• 1 Mount Street

    Constructed for Charles Greaves c1917, this eclectic early 20th century two-storey dwelling has Arts & Crafts and Georgian Revival style [...]

  • 5 Mount Street

    William Wright owned a house on this site in 1861 and let it to Mrs Clapham, who provided accommodation for [...]

  • 6 Mount Street

    The house was first known as Elliston. Eyre Goulbourn Ellis appears to have bought the land from the 1862 sale [...]

  • 7 Mount Street

    This site was sold by Ambrose Foss to William Wright and he built the house in about 1860. In 1861 [...]

  • 11 Mount Street

    An 1875 surveyor's record of this area shows no house on this lot. By 1878 George Willis had built a [...]

  • 12 Mount Street

    The building bears the date 1872 and the first rate was paid in that year. It was built on land [...]

  • 14 Mount Street

    S.T. Leigh, who had lived as tenant in Cambridge (19 Lyndhurst Crescent), Lyndcote (7 Stanley Road), and Windermere (25 Ernest [...]

  • 15 Mount Street

    This stone cottage, which is partly obscured by later additions, was built on land owned by Felix Cullen, presumably by [...]

  • 21 Mount Street

    In 1888 George S. Adams, a commercial traveller, bought this land from Henry C. Brookes (see Walshale, 18 Ferdinand Street) [...]