• 13 Martin Street

    Dorisville is a brick cottage. Sands Directory listed H. Martin living here in 1884, and he may have been here [...]

  • 14 Martin Street

    The Parcel family also built this cottage on the land Amelia Parcel bought in 1884 from Francis Abigail. It stands [...]

  • 10 Martin Street

    By 1890, Mrs Sarah Hodge was living in this weatherboard house called Lilyville, and it was probably built the year [...]

  • 11 Martin Street

    Built by Charles Kavanagh on land which he had owned from 1884, this house was first occupied in 1890. A [...]

  • 12 Martin Street

    Amelia Parcel bought Lot 2, Section 3 in Martin Street in September 1884 from John Poulton. The following year this [...]

  • 2 Martin Street

    James Brown owned a four-room stone cottage in Martin Street which he let to B.W. Mansell in 1884. This is [...]

  • 5 Martin Street

    William Pilkington built a two-room brick cottage on this site in 1885 and it was probably enlarged in 1888. This [...]