• 10 Figtree Road

    Charles Smith bought this land from Didier Joubert and then sold to Francis Abigail, MLA in 1882, a total of [...]

  • 1 Figtree Road

    This house was built by Didier Joubert. It was designed as a bungalow with simplicity of detail, symmetrical design and [...]

  • 14 Figtree Road

    This cottage, on Lot 11 Section 2 of the cricket ground subdivision, belonged to Charles Hawkless in 1884 (see also [...]

  • 16 Figtree Road

    Francis Abigail sold the land to William Richard Stocker, quarryman, in 1884. This weatherboard house was built by Richard and [...]

  • 20 Figtree Road

    In 1882 Francis Abigail sold Lot 14 (with frontages on Ferry Road, later called Figtree Road, and Abigail Street) to [...]

  • Figtree Road

    This small stone church was originally Figtree Chapel, designed by Weaver and Kemp. William Weaver had been assistant to Edmund [...]