In 1881 Stanley Jeanneret (son of Charles Jeanneret) owned this land, part of the subdivision of the Wybalena estate. By 1890 Horace M. Suttor, stock and station agent, owned the land and built a house on it in 1891. The architect was Howard Joseland and the builders were Brown and Tapson. A drawing of the house was exhibited at the 1892 Sydney Arts & Crafts Exhibition and the following report appeared in The Australasian Builder and Contractors News for January 7, 1893:

‘This residence is picturesquely situated on a waterside site at Hunters Hill, on the Parramatta River, and stands out prominently….  The materials used in the construction are Marrickville picked brown bricks, brick pointed, for the walls, which are built with a cavity, whilst the roof is covered with Marseilles red tiles. The chimneys and portions of the walls where exposed to driving rains are rough cast. The internal woodwork is pine…. with the exception of the staircase which is of cedar’

Mr Suttor lived here from 1891 to 1914 and called the house Windradine. Konrad F. Boehm took over the house from 1915. The house has been extended, but the front which faces the Parramatta River still resembles the original design.

7 Wybalena Road
Hunters Hill NSW 2110