This house was built in the 1870s by Lewis Truscott, a ship’s captain and friend and associate of Didier Joubert. It belonged to Mrs Elizabeth Truscott in 1884 and was named Dacre Villa after her mother, Jane Irwin (nee Dacre). It was rented for many years, first to the Halligan family, then to the Carters, who lived here for twenty years and were well known for their flower and vegetable gardens. The magnolia grandiflora was reputed to be one hundred years old and it is said by older residents that any bride in Hunters Hill could come and pick magnolias for her wedding bouquet. Stained glass windows located at the back of the altar in the Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in Mary Street form a memorial to Captain and Mrs Truscott. (See also 38 Mary Street).

36 Mary Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110