Enderslea was built for Mary L. Fergusson, nee Enders, wife of P.H. Fergusson, stationery wholesaler. She purchased the land in 1898. The doorstep bears the date 28.9.1901; Sands Directory first listed the Fergussons here in 1902. They moved away in 1904, after ‘domestic difficulties’ and various lessees followed. Barrister Wyndham Davies lived here from 1916 to 1938. In 1955 Enderslea was sold by the Fergusson sons and then internally subdivided into three dwellings. The house, built of sandstone said to have come from Bondi, stands on Lots 11 and 12 of the 1887 subdivision of Newcombe’s estate, whose 13½ acres extended from Alexandra Street and Lloyd Avenue to the water. It seems to have been the third house built after the subdivision. In style the house is transitional as it is of stone with a slate roof. It stands tall, with an entrance porch framed by a stone wall, eminently Victorian, yet the roof ridges are terracotta capped, balustrades are wooden, the main roof spreads out over the verandah and the planning is asymmetrical.

30 Viret Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110