• 96 Woolwich Road

    This building is on part of the original grant of 1835 to Thomas Dyer Edwards and this site was sold [...]

  • 41 Woolwich Road

    Arthur Budden of Rockley, bank manager, held this land, part of four blocks, from 1888. His son, architect Henry (Harry) [...]

  • 97 & 99 Woolwich Road

    The builder Charles Edward Little (see 93 & 95 Woolwich Road) owned land and a quarry in this vicinity in [...]

  • 42 Woolwich Road

    This house was designed by a German architect and built around 1904 for the Wallis (Wallace) family; it was originally [...]

  • 43 Woolwich Road

    Three acres of land in this area belonged to Charles Edward Jeanneret until 1877. Arthur Budden (see 41 Woolwich Road) [...]

  • 45 & 47 Woolwich Road

    This land had been owned by Charles Edward Jeanneret; it was bought by John Dobbie and John Davies in 1885 [...]

  • 1 Woolwich Road

    The prefabricated Bordier-imported houses all had stone outbuildings and although the timber building was demolished, a square, sandstone portion of [...]

  • 48 Woolwich Road

    The land between Vernon Street, Woolwich Road, Serpentine Road and the Lane Cove River was part of an original 8-acre [...]

  • 2 & 4 Woolwich Road

    The Towers, massive two-storey semi-detached houses, appear to have been built by 1916. An old photograph shows the original towers [...]