“At an early hour on Monday evening last, two men entered the house of Mrs. Reibey at Lane Cove, and carried away a musket and sundry property; shortly after, about nine o’clock, they attempted to pull Mr. Walker’s boat from the moorings opposite Cockatoo Island; failing however in their attempt, they obtained Mr. William Clarke’s boat, and proceeded across the water to Greenwich, attacked and robbed …” The Sydney Morning Herald, February 5, 1842.

The Sydney Morning Herald was later to write, on February 14, 1851, “that locality has for years been notorious as a rendezvous for runaway sailors and persons committing robberies in various parts of the country, depositing their booty with persons keeping wood boats and through some of them conveying their plunder to and from Sydney. It has also been celebrated as a place where the very worst characters find an undisturbed place of abode and where they are, as it were, licensed to carry on their system of plunder throughout the neighbourhood.”