This house is two cottages joined. The oldest section (east) of the house was a cottage owned by Richard Jarman. In 1856 Jarman had bought from Didier Joubert land known as the Mount Leitrim (Leetum on one deed) Estate, which was bounded by the present Alexandra, Mount, Madeline and Ferdinand Streets. Jarman built a one-room stone cottage in the middle of this estate, as shown on a map of 1862. In 1878 Felix Cullen, mail officer, purchased the estate, subdivided and built for rental and sale 1 and 16 Alexandra Street; 1, 3, 5, 7 Madeline Street and 15 Mount Street. Cullen added to Jarman’s cottage and lived here (5 Madeline Street) and his descendants occupied it, according to his grandaughter, until 1976. 3 Madeline Street was built in 1885 as a four-room stone cottage and was first tenanted by G.S. Adams. While Adams lived here, Lantana at 21 Mount Street, was built for him, and he moved there in 1889. Joseph Howard (see 1 Reiby Road) lived here with his family for some years. 3 and 5 Madeline Street were joined by an L-shaped stone addition in 1978 and the name Wyaldra retained.

3 Madeline Street

5 Madeline Street

3 Madeline Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110