Frederick Mader, stationer, a German, bought the area at the top of Ferry Street from Didier Joubert in 1857 for £1000. He lived in a stone and timber cottage called Swiss Villa. This was one of Leonard Bordier’s imported pre-fabricated houses erected in the area; the stone portion was the kitchen. In 1873 it was purchased by Francis Maguire, in 1876 by John Arthur, in 1884 by Sarah Kerr and the Kerr family lived here, calling it Riversleigh. Gerald Harnett Hallidgan bought the property in 1887 and mortgages taken out during the 1890s suggest the demolition of the timber and stone cottage and the building of this later house, also called Riversleigh. The door handles of the house from Hamburg have been retained.

12 Ferry Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110