• 47 Wybalena Road

    Arts & Crafts influenced cottage rendered in local stone and, though modified, it demonstrates the stylistic influences current at the [...]

  • 1 Wybalena Road

    In 1878 Joseph Fyson purchased land from Charles Jeanneret and sold in 1880 to Donald Cameron, schoolmaster. By 1899 Charles [...]

  • 2 Wybalena Road

    An 1834 map shows this land belonging to J.T. Hughes (see Wybalena Area). Charles Edward Jeanneret built this half of [...]

  • 7 Wybalena Road

    In 1881 Stanley Jeanneret (son of Charles Jeanneret) owned this land, part of the subdivision of the Wybalena estate. By [...]

  • 9 Wybalena Road

    This house is on the site of a large grant purchased in 1836 by John Terry Hughes, a large landholder [...]

  • 11 Wybalena Road

    This is a modern house, built of materials recovered from buildings removed in the early 1960s, including the well known [...]

  • 13 Wybalena Road

    This house was built for Henry G. Kilby during 1890 on the land (Lot 9, 9a, Part 8, Section 1, [...]

  • 23 Wybalena Road

    In 1885 Lots 1, 2 and 3, Section 2, Wybalena were owned by P.B. Walder and then George Christie. In [...]