• 6 Vernon Street

    This house dates from 1912. John A. Brown bought the land from Numa Joubert and built the house; it was [...]

  • 10 Vernon Street

    Thomas E. Cooper, Sydney manager of Cadbury’s chocolates, purchased this land from Numa Joubert. He built this house (the architect [...]

  • 16 Vernon Street

    This house, built in 1906, adjoins Mornington Reserve, which was named after the house. The original owners were Arthur and [...]

  • 22 Vernon Street

    Better seen from below the cliff or from the water, this house was built early in 1886 by John Whitehorn [...]

  • 24 Vernon Street

    John Dobbie Senior owned this land between 1886 and 1890, but the first indication in Sands Directory is indefinite, as [...]