• Mark St

    In 1872 four Marist Brothers had opened a primary school in Harrington Street, near Circular Quay. In 1875 a secondary [...]

  • 24 Ryde Road

    This could be a cottage which George Whitfield, butcher, built in 1885. In 1924 Mrs Nora Tournier of Mary Street [...]

  • 46 Ryde Road

    This land was part of a 30 acre grant made in 1835 to Frederick Augustus Hayne. He sold to Dr [...]

  • 51 Ryde Road

    John Corley (see 69 Ryde Road) bought Lot 5, Section 2 from Francis Abigail in 1883 and sold it to [...]

  • 52 Ryde Road

    Ardenclutha was built by Azzapardi for the Reverend George McIntosh, of Parramatta, after he purchased two lots of the land [...]

  • 69 Ryde Road

    John Corley  (see also 51 Ryde Road) owned and occupied this five-room stone cottage on Lot 7, Section 1 and [...]

  • 73 Ryde Road

    William F. Batiste was a ferry captain; he retired at the age of fifty-two to build this stone house in [...]

  • 74 Ryde Road

    John Rickham paid £130 for Lot 1, extending back to Everard Street, at the Field of Mars Common sale in [...]

  • 75 & 77 Ryde Road

    This land was purchased by Charlotte Easton of Milsons Point, widow, from Francis Abigail in 1881. In July 1892 she [...]