• 29 Mary Street

    This house was built about 1914

  • 36 Mary Street

    This house was built in the 1870s by Lewis Truscott, a ship's captain and friend and associate of Didier Joubert. [...]

  • 38 Mary Street

    In 1874 Captain Lewis Truscott and his wife Elizabeth retired from active business and built this seven room stone and [...]

  • 42 Mary Street

    Patrick McCarthy built this stone cottage on this site in 1889. He already owned a three-room wooden cottage on the [...]

  • 44a Mary Street

    This house was built in 1878 for G.R. Barker, an attendant at Gladesville Hospital and was then named Toorak. Timber [...]

  • 46 Mary Street

    Charles Smith acquired this land, Lot 11, Section 5, part of Mary Reibey’s estate, in 1864. James Barker, brother of [...]

  • 54 Mary Street

    In 1884, William Murray occupied Patrick McCarthy’s three-room timber cottage on the corner of Mary and John Streets, while his [...]

  • 58 Mary Street

    Louis F. Heydon, lawyer, politician and influential Catholic, owned this land in 1881 and paid his first rate on a [...]

  • 60 & 62 Mary Street

    This pair of timber cottages is typical of those built in this area in the 1880s. Jean Tournier was a [...]