• 9 Mars Street

    Early 20th century Federation Bungalow style brick cottage with tiled hipped roof and gable over bayed front. Front garden with [...]

  • 1 Mars Street

    Early 20th century Federation style brick painted cottage with a tiled hipped roof extending over verandah and gable over bayed [...]

  • 5 Mars Street

    Inter-war brick cottage with tiled gable roof and cross gable over bayed front. Projecting window on bay.

  • 3 Mars Street

    The land of Mars Street was part of an 8 acre lot owned by Earnshaw between 1872 and 1885, and [...]

  • 15 Mars Street

    This farm cottage by Tarban Creek appears to date from the 1840s (see Batemans Road Area). It probably is the [...]

  • 16 Mars Street

    Three houses existed in Mars Street from the late 1880s; 3, 15 and presumably this one. This land appears to [...]