• 16 & 18 Margaret Street

    Example of early 20th century c1914 two-storey semi-detached residences, rare on the peninsula. Relatively atypical Federation-era terrace seemingly built to [...]

  • 2, 2A Margaret Street

    These houses were built on parts of Clarke's Estate below Woodstock. The first house appeared in Sands Directory as Glenora, [...]

  • 2B Margaret Street

    This house was built by Christopher McClure, contractor, in 1898-9, and Sands Directory first listed him living here in 1902. [...]

  • 3 Margaret Street

    This brick Federation style house is one of many built on Clarke's Estate in this area.

  • 4 Margaret Street

    This house was built on Lot 10, Section 1, in the early 1900s.

  • 13 Margaret Street

    The foundation stone of the Church was laid by Admiral Sir Harry Rawson, Governor of NSW on 30 May 1908. [...]

  • 15 Margaret Street

    John Charles Solomon, general contractor, built the early part of this house which was first listed in Sands Drectory in [...]