• 7 Madeline Street

    In 1878, the land within Mount, Alexandra, Ferdinand and Madeline Streets was owned by Felix Cullen who took out mortgages [...]

  • 31 Madeline Street

    Antonio Bondietti, stonemason, who had a cottage in Hunters Hill in the year of the first rates, 1861, purchased this [...]

  • 1 Madeline Street

    Felix Cullen (see The Gladstone and no. 5 Madeline Street) had this eleven room stone house built for letting in [...]

  • 3 Madeline Street

    This house is two cottages joined. The oldest section (east) of the house was a cottage owned by Richard Jarman. [...]

  • 11 Madeline Street

    Built originally as a one-room stone cottage for a quarry worker's family, it was enlarged both in wood and brick [...]

  • 15 Madeline Street

    Built in 1875 for Elijah Green, grocer, this house became the residence of Walter Cuneo, whose family lived here into [...]

  • 17 Madeline Street

    In 1859 this lot was part of ten acres owned by Jules Joubert. It was acquired by Charles D’Apice from [...]

  • 19 Madeline Street

    Jules Joubert sold this land to James Stephen Stanner (see also 16 Ferry Street) for £28 in 1859. In 1864 [...]

  • 22 Madeline Street

    This house and four others, in Ernest Street (11, 15, 17, 19), were built between 1896 and 1906 by Mrs [...]