• 1 Lloyd Avenue

    This stone cottage was built for John Snell in 1874 in what was then Brown Street, and he let it [...]

  • 4 Lloyd Avenue

    This house first appeared in Sands Directory in 1897 as Wilga, with Walter Bevan, later His Honour, Mr Justice Bevan, [...]

  • 5 Lloyd Avenue

    This house was built by Joseph Carne, Assistant Government Geologist. It first was listed in Sands Directory in 1901 as [...]

  • 6 Lloyd Avenue

    This Federation-style brick house was built on grounds on 5 acres extending to the Lane Cove River. The land was [...]

  • 8 Lloyd Avenue

    This house may have been E.N. Parker’s Clist Hydon, which was listed in Sands Directory of 1900. This house was [...]