• 2 Herberton Avenue

    This house was built by 1890 for Thomas Powell, an engineer at Cockatoo Island, who had bought the land in [...]

  • 4 Herberton Avenue

    John Stokes, stonemason, purchased this land in 1890 and quarried stone which, according to his daughter, Miss Effie Stokes, was [...]

  • 6 Herberton Avenue

    Patrick O’Rourke was a quarryman who bought this land in 1887, although the house was apparently not built before 1893. [...]

  • 7 Herberton Avenue

    Mary Page, spinster, bought Lot 22 in 1885; in 1893 she married William Ward, stonemason, and the site may briefly [...]

  • 15 Herberton Avenue

    Henry Gascoigne purchased this land in 1885 and was listed in Sands Directory for 1886. He is described as Master [...]