• 9 Crescent Street

    Sitting on part of John Terry Hughes’s original Crown Grant of thirty acres in 1836, this stone house was built [...]

  • 1 & 3 Crescent Street

    Wilton Bank and Braeburn were built in 1906 as a pair of mirror houses in the Federation style. They were [...]

  • 12 Crescent Street

    Although this house has the appearance of a much later date, there was a new fourteen-room stone house built here [...]

  • 14 Crescent Street

    Alfred Christian Garrick (son-in-law of Jules Joubert) was the owner of Passy in the 1880s and this property was still [...]

  • 15 Crescent Street

    Didier Joubert offered the Passy Estate for sale in 1858. Edye Manning bought all except the lots between the east [...]