• 19 Batemans Road

    John Reeves (see Batemans Road Area), stonemason and farmer, built this stone house of four rooms for himself in 1857 [...]

  • 22 Batemans Road

    The First Certificate of Title of the land was granted to David Powell in 1866, transferred to Mary Earnshaw (nee [...]

  • 24 Batemans Road

    This house may have been Robert Bateman’s hut of about 1840 (other possibilities are 16a and 52 Batemans Road or [...]

  • 26 Batemans Road

    This house was built in 1892 for Thomas Cooke, warder, and his wife. They called the house Ledbury after Mrs [...]

  • 29 Batemans Road

    In 1890 Edward Baker, dealer, rented this house from H.E. Vaughan, who was the executor of Earnshaw’s estate, in which [...]

  • 30 Batemans Road

    This house was built for Mr John Farley in the 1890s. In the 1980s it was still owned by his [...]

  • 32 Batemans Road

    This land formed part of the original grant to James Devlin. In 1889 Lot 11 and part of Lot 10 [...]

  • 34 Batemans Road

    Edwin Pierce purchased this land from Robert Earnshaw in 1893 (see 32 Batemans Road). John Farley (see 30 Batemans Road) [...]

  • 45 Batemans Road

    This house was built by John Reeves (see 19 Batemans Road) in 1890 as an investment. Thomas Cooke (26 Batemans [...]