• 17 Alexandra Street

    During 1869 a school being conducted in the church in Church Street (now St Marks and moved to Figtree Road) [...]

  • Alexandra Street & Ferdinand Street

    From 1868 services had been conducted (in the Council Chambers or at 20 Ferry Street) by Wesleyan ministers of the [...]

  • 22 Alexandra Street

    The original Council Chamber, measuring 50 feet by 30 feet and built of stone, was opened on January 13, 1866. [...]

  • 48 & 50 Alexandra Street

    Charles Fairland acquired the land on which both of these semi-detached houses stand from Didier N. Joubert in 1859. Michael [...]

  • 9 Alexandra Street

    Jeremiah Cronin, stonemason, built this as a three-room stone cottage for himself and first occupied it in 1880. It is [...]

  • 35 Alexandra Street

    John Cuneo (see also The Garibaldi next door) came from Genoa in Italy in 1854. The original part of this [...]

  • 10,12 & 14 Alexandra Street

    Annie Schmidt (see also 1 James Street) bought this land from Felix Cullen and in 1886, two of the terrace [...]

  • 36 Alexandra Street

    When rates were introduced in 1861 a cottage, almost certainly this one, stood here on the extensive property of Ambrose [...]

  • 11 Alexandra Street

    Built by Jeremiah Cronin, stonemason, as a seven-room house, this was first occupied in 1879. It cost £790 pounds to [...]